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What Defines A Boutique Guitar?

What is a Boutique Guitar?

Hello, and welcome back to our blog. Our last few posts have centered around product spotlights of the different boutique guitar brands that we carry, but today we decided to do something a little different. In writing our previous blogs, we suddenly realized that we had skipped over an important question: What makes a guitar “boutique”? We throw that phrase around a lot and we realized that not everyone has a firm grasp on what exactly differentiates a boutique guitar from a regular guitar. In today’s post we are going to go over a few of the criteria we use to determine if a guitar is “boutique” or not, and in doing so we hope that you will have a better idea of what this phrase truly means.

A Boutique Guitar Focuses on Quality

At its core, a boutique guitar was designed with one thing in mind: quality. While we aren’t saying that other guitar brands don’t produce quality guitars, there is definitely a difference in terms of build quality. For example, Stratocasters made in Mexico and shipped to the united states are perfectly acceptable guitars. For the majority of players this guitar would meet their playing needs perfectly and you would never hear them complain. However, boutique guitars are not geared towards the majority of players. Boutique guitars are geared towards those players who have moved past the average guitar. Those players who are looking for an instrument that will reflect the skill with which they play it. The last thing a high level player wants to worry about is whether or not their guitar can keep up with their playing ability.

Boutique Guitars Have Limited Production

If you’ve visited any big box retail store in the last few years, you’ve probably noticed that most of them now carry guitars. These guitars are intended to be purchased for beginners with the price and quality reflecting this intention. Boutique guitars are the exact opposite of these guitars. Boutique guitars are handmade by expert luthiers and are not only considered as instruments but also as individual works of art. While many boutique guitar brands have certain “standard” models that they produce, even these models are given a level of care that a mass produced guitar could never even dream of experiencing. Also, most boutique guitar shops offer custom guitar work, meaning that they can produce guitars that are literally one of a kind. This focus of quality over quantity is one of the main differences between a boutique guitar and a mass produced guitar.

Boutique Guitar Shops are Small

Because of the time and energy that it takes to produce a boutique guitar, most boutique guitar shops are relatively small. We aren’t suggesting that these shops only have one or two employees, but they are a far cry from the thousands of employees that are utilized to produce some of the larger guitar brands. By keeping their shops small, boutique guitar producers are able to better monitor the quality of products leaving their shops. Producing a thousand guitars in a year versus a thousand guitars in a month ensures that quality is not sacrificed for the sake of profit.  

We hope that this post has helped to better define what a boutique guitar is. If you’d like to see a boutique guitar in person, or want to check out our selection from home, visit us instore or online today! At BadAxe Boutique we strive to deliver the finest quality boutique guitars for discerning guitar players and collectors alike.