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Welcome to the BadAxe Family: Pedaltrain & Rabbit Hole FX!

We are extremely excited to announce to new members to the BadAxe family:


Pedaltrain produces some of the best and most well-respected pedal boards being used by professionals all over the globe. Their sleek design and versatility allow any type of pedal shape and size to work on the various sizes of boards available. Starting small with 3-5 pedals per boards and ranging all the way up to 30+ pedals per board there is a level for every player. If protection is what you are searching for, Pedaltrain offers a hard shell tour case for most of their models and a lightweight padded gig bag for every model. Easily secure any pedal to their boards with Pedaltrain’s pro-grade adhesive backed hook-and-loop. Glad to add them to our shop and look forward to everyone stopping by and building their dream board!


Being a proud North Carolina shop always has us searching for great local builders when looking to add products into our store, so when Adam & Safia stopped by our shop we knew we had to have them! Straight out of Raleigh, NC; Rabbit Hole FX has broken into the boutique pedal market with their first child the Chaosmic Fuzz. An incredible octave fuzz capable of dark growling fuzz to upper-octave erie fuzz and all the noise in between! Already getting major attention from Pedal of the Day and GearTalk, and another baby on the way in the form of a Phaser that will surely be one-of-a-kind. Stop by the store and plug up to see if you can find your way out of the Rabbit Hole!