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Supro 1600 Supreme 1 x 10" Tube Amp Combo Blue Rhino Hide

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The Supro 1600 Supreme is an all-tube tribute to one of the great guitar icons of the British Invasion. This historic, Classic Series combo is a replica of the Chicago-made 110 amplifier used extensively by the Stones throughout decades of rock and roll hits.

Tech Details:

The legendary Supro preamp found in the 1600 Supreme features a pair of parallel gain stages fed into a shared tone knob. This versatile, dual-input preamp allows two instruments to share the same combo amplifier, as well as providing the convenient option of plugging a single instrument into IN1+2, for double the gain. The two inputs can also be used with an A/B or A/B/Y switch to accomplish channel switching for both clean and dirty tones with one guitar.

The power section found in the 1600 Supreme provides the distinctive attack, touch sensitivity and natural tube compression that has become known as the hallmark of vintage Class-A 6V6 tone. This uniquely American, vintage-correct output stage pushes a custom, high-power 10" driver that utilizes the same voice coil, enormous magnet and high-end suspension found in the award-winning BD12 speaker found in the Black Magick amplifier. True to the construction of the vintage Oahu, there is no beam blocker in front of the 1600 speaker, facilitating maximum throw and crystal-clear treble response from this vintage inspired tube amplifier.

-1959 Vintage Supro Cosmetics and Circuitry
-2 Channels with Parallel Link and shared tone control
-25 Watts Cathode-Bias Class-A Power Amp
-Ample headroom for live performance with pedals
-1 10" Custom-voiced Supro BD10 speaker
-XT speaker jack for matching extension cabinet
-3x JJ 12AX7 preamp tubes
-2x JJ 6V6 power tubes
-17 5/8 x 7.5" x 15.5" 44.7 x 19 x 39.4 cm
-33.6 lbs 15.3 kg
-Gold Faceplate
-Black Rhino Hide Tolex
-Assembled in NY, USA