Dusky Electronics Boutique Effects

Dusky Electronics just might be the living definition of boutique effects pedals. Offering simplicity of control, an emphasis on innovative effects circuitry, and eye-catching designs, all contained in a sturdy tank of a stompbox, Dusky Electronics pedals are right at home on any guitarist’s pedal board. Specifically designed to work with tube amplifiers, you will be amazed at the ability to take your sound from warm and bright to wild and outlandish. Featuring options for boost, drive, and octave fuzz, these are boutique effects pedals that allow guitarists to cut through a mix with sounds that captivate the listener. What sets Dusky Electronics apart from other pedal manufacturers is their willingness to think outside the (stomp)box. For example, an ingenious input buffer allows the Octomotron Fuzz to be placed anywhere in the signal chain, while the Toasted Drive uses cascaded MOSFETs to create the sound of a cranked amp. Order one from our online guitar shop today!