PRS Bass Guitars

At BadAxe Boutique, we never underestimate the importance of a solid bass guitarist in any style of music. And we understand how much of a difference the instrument in the bassist’s hands can make. That’s why we carry nothing but the highest-quality basses in our online guitar shop. For years PRS has been one of the best brands for boutique bass guitars. Offering handsome designs, state-of-the-art active pickups, and superior playability, PRS bass guitars can take your low end to places it’s never been before. PRS has been producing superior  guitars and amps of unmatched quality since the mid-1980s, and their boutique bass guitars are no exception. Don’t get trapped into thinking your bass body style should copy that of an established guitar; PRS bass guitars offer a unique look, sound, and functionality to your musical experience. Own the low end with a PRS bass guitar, and demonstrate why the bass is an instrument all of its own.