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Rabbit Hole FX aMerkin Fuzz Pedal

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The 'Merkin Fuzz offers sustain for miles and allows precise, fine-tuning to your instrument and rig via 3 Knobs and 2 Switches: Fuzz Section: (4 Controls) Cut/Low switch - Cut is a frequency contour that attenuate slower frequencies in the fuzz stage. Low gives the output from the fuzz a flatter frequency response. Cut/Low switch affects only the fuzz section, not clean. "Nancy" (top knob) - Fuzz sustain/gain. Wave switch - Up position is off. Down position adds an octave effect that gives more sustain/gain. Wave switch affects only the fuzz section, not clean. "Unclean" volume (lower left knob) - Adjusts the fuzz output volume. Volume Section: (2 knobs) "Unclean" volume - Adjusts the fuzz output volume. Clean volume - Adjusts the clean output volume. Can be used independently of the fuzz section as a clean boost/cut. 12 o'clock is approximately unity gain. Can be used in conjunction with fuzz to fill in the bottom end for thick warm fuzz. Other features include: Top-mounted input/output/power jacks Industry standard 2.1mm 9v DC center negative power input jack and negative ground operation (no battery option) Small 125B sized pedal board friendly enclosure Carling soft-switching relay-based True Bypass foot switch White LED indicator with internal trimpot to adjust brightness. Durable and high resolution DTS (direct to substrate)labeling and art High quality parts used throughout for superior noise-free performance. A red satin multi-purpose swag bag. 2 year builder warranty from date of sale. Contact RHFX for details.