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Product Spotlight: EVH

EVH Guitars Offer Amazing Sound Through High-Quality Design


In the world of rock and roll, certain individuals stand out. Elvis Presley is known for bringing the genre into the mainstream, Jimmi Hendrix is known for defining a cultural movement through his art, and countless other artists are known for their own contributions to the music giant that is rock and roll. However, in the world of rock and roll, few artists have been more influential Eddie Van Halen. At BadAxe Boutique, we proudly carry Eddie Van Halen guitars, and today we wanted to take a moment to discuss why this single player had such an impact on rock music.

Shaping the Sound of a Generation

At the time, it seemed as though Van Halen came out of nowhere. While the band had enjoyed a moderate amount of success in the Los Angeles music scene in the early to mid 70s, it wasn’t until 1977 that the band received their big break. After performing at the Starwood in Hollywood, Van Halen was offered a recording deal with Warner Bros. Over the course of the next year, the band recorded their first album Van Halen which, when released, reached No. 19 on the Billboard pop music charts. This achievement made Van Halen one of the most commercially successful bands in the history of rock. Building upon the success of their album, Van Halen toured for nearly a year with Black Sabbath, opening for the band and perfecting their onstage presence. Van Halen had found their place in the world of rock.

How Does He Make Those Sounds?

While every member of Van Halen brought valuable skills to the table, the true allure of the band stemmed from the incredible playing ability of Eddie. In a time when heavy metal and rock were just starting to find some common ground, Eddie came along and changed the game. Eschewing the frills and serious nature of other players, Eddie proudly wielded his Frankenstein guitar, sometimes lovingly referred to as the Frankenstrat. Eddie had built this guitar from an old Charvel S-shape and seemed to use whatever material was available at the time to make a one of a kind guitar. With a guitar that looked like it had been found in a landfill, Eddie Van Halen proceeded to melt the minds of an entire generation of rock enthusiasts. His tone was unmistakable, his soloing abilities were superhuman, and his innovative “tapping” technique showed that the guitar was capable of sounds no one had even thought possible.

EVH Takes on Boutique Guitars

Throughout his career, Eddie Van Halen showed a level of mastery with the guitar that is equal parts amazing and intimidating. With this in mind, it only makes sense that he would want to get into the boutique guitar game. The Wolfgang, one of our favorite models, is a boutique guitar designed to stand up to the demands of any player while also delivering unbelievable sound and quality craftsmanship. Eddie Van Halen developed this guitar while touring in 2007, and played various Wolfgang prototypes every night of the tour. This helped Eddie determine what aspect of the guitar needed improvement, and after months of testing he was satisfied that the guitar could stand up to his exacting standards. The result is a boutique guitar that delivers incredible sound in a nearly bulletproof design.

Visit us today at BadAxe Boutique and check out our selection of EVH guitars. We strive to offer the best in boutique guitars to our customers, and we are confident that once you sample our products you will see the difference that quality makes.