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Product Spotlight: Bogner Amplification

Reinhold Bogner: The Pursuit of Tone Perfection

Growing up in the city of Ulm, Germany (home of the iconic EL84 Power Tube), Reinhold became obsessed at a young age by electronics and analog circuitry. His father had been a collector of ancient tube-powered devices including radios, amplifiers and other gadgetry that filled his heart with imagination. Being around so many intricate  pieces of sonic evolution inspired him to eventually begin building his own. Unable to afford both a guitar and an amplifier, he decided to try and build his own with spare parts laying around his father’s house in which he kept piles of resistors, capacitors and of course, an endless supply vacuum tubes. The stepping stones had soon been laid and the very first “Bogner” amplifier was born out of necessity. That first prototype led to requests of modifying amplifiers for performers who were infatuated with the tones he could create. Many considered him an artist and soon his dreams continued to grow and found a plane ticket to Los Angeles and took what he could with him, including a heavily modified JCM-800 in hopes he could find big-time performers to see his vision of tonal perfection. One of those people to be blown away was none other than Eddie Van Halen who bought his JCM-800 for a whopping $600.00 and history was made. Bogner soon became recognized for his genius and expertise with amplifier building and has become a legend in the boutique amplifier market.

Choice of Tone

Most amplifier companies focused on sparkly clean tones with just a touch of natural overdrive. Bogner was a bit different. His love for rock music drove him to create amplifiers that rocked like a Marshall but hit like a freight train. However the classic Marshall tones as great as they are were not something that he wanted to copy for face-value. He wanted something that had a heart and soul, an amplifier that could shock and awe an audience into tonal nirvana. Most importantly he wanted to create amps that were multi-purpose, amplifiers that allowed the player to choose exactly how they wanted to voice their instrument. There is a sheer beauty in the way he coupled his tubes and circuitry from the flagship Ecstasy to be known as one of the most versatile of his amplifiers. But he had a dark side with the lead-fed Uberschall, which sang a song of absolute high-gain and raucous tones that would be hailed by artists across the globe. Ultimately he wanted to create amplifiers for players to be able to sound the very best they could with the very best amplifiers.

The Range

Currently there are 12 amplifiers that Bogner sells to the market: Shiva, Goldfinger, Goldfinger Phi, Atma, Barcelona, Ecstasy, Helios, Mephisto, New Yorker, Telos, Twin Jet, Uberschall. Each have their own unique variations and offer different choices to the player for wattage and options. All can be customized as well to taste with custom tolex and custom speaker cabinets fitted with choice speakers to completely have your own unique footprint in the world of Bogner Amplification. Whats incredible is that not only do they make excellent amplifiers but their speaker cabinets are in a class of their own. Designed to fit specifically with each amp they house world-class speakers. They resonate so incredibly well you can really find something special in each one of their cabinets to pair with one of their amplifiers or with your own! Check out Bogner Amplification on our website for more details on the range and how you could get a piece of boutique amplifier heaven.