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Pre-Owned Vox Lil Night Train 2-Watt Amplifier Head w/V110 1x10 Ext. Cabinet

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Pre-Owned in Very Good Condition.-  An Amazing Low-watt Amp Head!Looking for the perfect low-power tube guitar amp head? Check out the Vox Lil' Night Train Head. The Lil' Night Train Head is a small, low-watt, and portable head that gives your axe kind of tone you'd expect from a much larger and louder amplifier. Genuine Vox quality to the core, the all-tube Lil' Night Train Head comes equipped with a pair of 12AX7 preamp tubes and a 12AU7 tube for the power amp - the perfect power amp tube for a 2-watt amp such as the Lil' Night Train Head. The Lil' Night Train Head's Bright mode and Thick mode give you access to a rich palette of tones. Flip the Lil' Night Train Head to Bright, and you'll experience a chimey top-end boost that takes you back to the early days of rock. Bright mode also gives you a 2-band EQ for extra control over your sound. In Thick mode, the EQ gets cut out of the system and a substantial gain boost launches your tone into bluesy breakup and rock-star overdrive. At only 2 watts, the Lil' Night Train Head lets you enjoy these satisfyingly bold tones at a level your neighbors, children, and household pets will appreciate. And since the Lil' Night Train Head has both 8- and 16-ohm outputs, you can use it with a wide variety of extension cabinets. -  Cabinet: If you play through a Vox Lil' Night Train Head or any other low-power guitar amplifier and are looking for an excellent extension cabinet, then its time to check out the 16-ohm Vox V110NT. Loaded with a single 10" custom Celestion VX 10 speaker, the V110NT belts out plenty of volume, making the most of your 30W or smaller head. Pair the V110NT with a tube head and listen in wonder as your axe makes it sing. Another great thing about the V110NT is that it weighs a mere 11.6 lbs., so it's perfectly portable.Features: Amplifier Head: -Power Output: 2 watts RMS into 16 ohm or 1.5 watts RMS into 8 ohms-Controls: Gain, Volume, Bass, and Treble-Modes: Bright (EQ + high-end boost) and Thick (no EQ + gain boost)-Input: 1 x 1/4" guitar input-Outputs: 1/4" speaker output (16/8 ohms) and headphone/line-level output-Preamp tubes: 2 x 12AX7-Power amp tube: 1 x 12AU7-Dimensions: 8.74" x 4.61" x 4.61"-Weight: 4.85 lbs. Speaker Cabinet: -Speaker: 10" custom Celestion VX 10-Dimensions: 16.5" x 6.3" x 11.8"-Weight: 11.6 lbs.-Maximum input: 30W RMS 16 ohms