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Product Spotlight: The MXR EVH Flanger Pedal

The MXR Flanger effect pedal is an iconic piece of equipment that’s revered by guitarists for its versatility and variety of unforgettable sonic landscapes. BadAxe Boutique is proud to add it to the collection of effects pedals we carry in our Greensboro music store. But what does this flanger actually do?

Flanger Theory
“Flanging” comes from an old studio trick in which two identical audio tracks are simultaneously played back on two separate reels. By placing a finger on the flange of one of the reels (hence the name), that track’s speed can be altered slightly, creating interesting interference patterns with the undisturbed track’s playback. Flanger pedals reproduce these changes in tone in the form on an oscillating wave through time. The following parameters can be adjusted on the MXR EVH Flanger Pedal.

This knob controls the center pitch of the frequencies through which the pedal oscillates. Turning it up results in oscillation between generally higher frequencies, and turning down cycles you through lower frequencies.

Adjusting this knob allows you to find the right range of frequencies through which the pedal sweeps. In other words, it sets the range from lowest to highest frequency, as centered on the value set by the manual knob. Turning the width knob all the way down results in no perceivable oscillation.

To control how quickly the pedal cycles from high to low and back again, use this knob. Do you want long, gradual changes over time, or quick oscillations on the order of several per second? Use the Speed knob to find out.

This knob simply controls how much of the effect is present in your guitar mix. For subtle enhancements you’ll want to keep this setting relatively low. For in-your-face jet engine sounds, crank it up!

This MXR Flanger Pedal also comes equipped with the special EVH button, which calls up Mr. Van Halen’s own settings for the sound he used to record “Unchained”! Come visit our music store to try one out today!