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Dialing In Guitar Playability

If you love to play guitar, you know as well as we do how hard it can be to put your instrument down. Constantly having it in your hands helps to build familiarity which fosters the development of your musicianship. But have you ever asked yourself, “Could my guitar be easier to play?” If you’ve played any of the sweet axes in our Greensboro music store, chances are you noticed a huge difference in playability. And while it may be years before you can afford the guitar of your dreams, there are some things you can do to dial in the playability of your current guitar.

Your guitar’s action refers to the height of the strings above the frets. Typically this is adjusted by changing the height of the bridge, depending on your guitar’s design. When it’s low it can be easier and faster to play, but too low of an action results in strings “fretting out”, or making contact when they’re open or played at a lower fret.

Neck Tension
The truss rod running through the neck of your guitar must be tuned to perfectly balance the force of the strings. Improper tension leads to concave or convex bowing of your fretboard, making playing very difficult. When properly balanced, your neck should be nice and flat, allowing you to push the lower limits of your guitar’s action.

First of all, real guitarists change their strings, and they do it often. As strings are stretched and collect oils and dirt from your fingers, their tonal output is compromised. It’s a fact that new strings look, play, and sound better. Just make sure you’re putting the same gauges on when you switch strings; otherwise your neck will bow until you have its tension readjusted.

If you need help maximizing the playability of your guitar, bring it on down to the BadAxe Boutique. We’ll answer your questions and help you get the most out of your guitar. Contact our music store today!