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Managing Your Guitar’s Features For Superior Playing

It may sound strange, but great guitarists aren’t just good at playing guitar. True guitarists make use of every tool available to them, including amps and effects. But they also know how to leverage all of their instrument’s features to maximize the potential for listener impact, song composition, and sonic expression. Here’s a rundown of the typical features and controls available the guitars that can be found in our Greensboro music store.

Volume Knob
This is an indispensable tool on electric guitars of all makes, models, and years. Perfect for fade-ins and fade-outs, regulating your headroom, and controlling noise between songs, you should always make sure you can get to your volume knob.

Tone Knob
It’s a common mistake to leave this on 10 at all times. While you do hear a warmer, fuller-bodied sound when the tone is up, it may not always serve the song or your band’s overall mix. Dialing this knob back allows the other components of your signal chain to do more of the talking.

Pickup Switch
Guitars can have anywhere from one to three or possibly even more pickups, each with a unique coil configuration and placement beneath the strings. Switching between pickups is an easy way for guitarists to create distinctive passages while either jumping into the spotlight or blending into the sonic backdrop.

Tremolo Bar
When it comes to expression on electric guitars, nothing is as versatile as a whammy bar. The ability to bend notes drastically while playing can create unforgettable sounds full of drama and urgency. However, guitars must be equipped for this kind of abuse with reliable hardware and rock-solid construction, otherwise it’s a short trip to Out-Of-Tunesville.

The only way to master all of your guitar’s controls is to use them, and use them often. You’ll have to spend a lot of time listening, experimenting, innovating, and making a whole lot of bad noise along the way before you can seamlessly incorporate all of your guitar’s capabilities. Whatever you do, just keep playing!