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Electric Guitar Essentials

Are you a new guitarist, just beginning your journey to musical greatness? We think that’s AWESOME! There’s nothing more rewarding than learning to express yourself on a musical instrument. At BadAxe Boutique, we support anyone who’s up to the challenge. We encourage you to drop by our Greensboro showroom to be inspired by some truly beautiful instruments and amplifiers. While you’re here, make sure you’ve got all the guitar accessories you need to pursue what is certain to become a lifelong passion.

A tuner is essential if you want to sound good, not to mention make sense of anything that you hope to learn. Many models exist, including pedal-style tuners and small devices that simply clip onto guitars to provide accurate and responsive tuning.

You’ll need a strap if you ever see yourself playing while standing. It might be best to learn by holding the guitar on your knee while sitting, but most guitarists graduate to playing on their feet in short order.

If electric guitars are your passion, you’re going to need an amplifier. With the right boutique amp at your back, even intermediate and beginning guitar players can sound awesome! And of course, you’ll need a cord to make it all work.

What’s in a pick? Quite a bit, actually! Flexibility and gripability are two major factors that can impact your playing ability. When you can’t afford any of the other items on this list, you’ll be able to try an endless variety of pick shapes, thicknesses, colors, and designs with your spare change!