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Gorgomyte Fret & Fingerboard Cleaner and Conditioning Cloth by JJ's The Worlds Best!

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Cloth Size: 8.5" x  6"

Reusable: No


Cut JJ's Gorgomyte Polishing cloth into 2" squares. Use  
one square  for the entire neck. Store the remaining
squares in  the resealable bag for future cleaning and

Start at the first fret, rub JJ's Gorgomyte Polishing Cloth
over the entire fingerboard and frets, and work your way
towards the  bridge end of the neck, turning your cloth as
you work your way up the neck. The cloth will turn black
quickly. These are impurities being drawn out.

With a separate soft clean, dry 100% cotton cloth (An old
clean  cotton t-shirt or cotton face cloth works best), buff
the conditioned fingerboard and frets until all the dirt is

Restring your instrument and feel how much smoother she
plays and how brightly the frets gleam.

Your frets are now smoother and shinier than when they
were new!  

No matter whether it's Peter Frampton, Dave Mustaine, Tommy Shaw or any of the other Super Star artists- we- support, they all have one thing in common. Their instruments HAVE to be in top playing form. At this level of- the game there are no excuses for anything less than perfection. This is why they all choose Gorgomyte to- condition their fingerboards and polish their frets. Join the rapidly growing list of artists and techs around the- globe who have discovered the wonders of JJ's Gorgomyte and thrown away their steel wool. Just like them,- You'll never turn back. 

The frets and fingerboard of your guitar get more hands on use, and often abuse, than any other area of the- instrument. The fine wood gets gummed up with finger oils and dirt. The frets collect these impurities too,- making them dull and less than smooth. Why then is this the one area we tend to neglect when it's clean up- time? The reason is that it has always been a messy, delicate and time consuming job. Getting the wood back- to it's original luster and the frets shining meant using potentially damaging and abrasive products like steel- wool. Turn an hour long task into just a few minutes and get results you never thought possible with- Gorgomyte.

Tommy Shaw / STYX
"We've gotten used to other bands coming and
admiring our guitar vaults on tour. The first thing
people want to know is "Who does your fret
work" I always point to Jimmy Johnson and tell
them it's the Gorgomyte. I'm so used to great
frets now it's hard to remember life before
Thanks Boss

Peter Frampton
Certainly one of the most legendary guitarists on the planet, Peter is
without equal when it comes to pure style, tone and grace. The
consummate professional, Peter demands nothing but the best and
every beautiful note from his instrument displays that quality of his
art. All of Peter's instruments get the Gorgomyte treatment. What
more can I say, nothing, so let's hear what Peter himself has to say
about Gorgomyte.......
"Jimmy Johnson has worked with so many great guitar players
all with different individual needs. So when I first saw his idea
for cleaning frets I instantly thought, "Eureka! - that's it! - All
guitarists will love this!" Thanks Jimmy ........ but I really wish I
had thought of this myself!"

Since it's formation in 1983, Dave Mustaine's Megadeth has
released 23 albums. All of which went gold and many
platinum. More than just another thrash metal band,
Megadeth were faster, harsher and more focused on
instrumental skill than their contemporaries.

Ricky Phillips
From his early days with The Babys and Bad English to his work with rock
legends Jimmy Page, Joe Cocker, Jeff Beck, Roger Daltrey and dozens more,
Ricky is one of this business' most sought after bassists. Ricky's been a member
of STYX for over eight years now and has made this band the best they've ever
been. Here's what Ricky has to say about Gorgomyte:
"Leave it to Jimmy Johnson to come up with a magic potion for
cleaning the skank off my basses. I'm one of those guys who sweats
through at least four bass changes a night. I also insist on new
strings nightly but you can imagine what's left underneath...... a ton
of gunk on the frets. Every few songs I need a new horse. Now I play
frets that are as smooth as an Orangutan's butt. Thanks Jimmy &
thanks Gorgomyte."
Thank you Ricky

Jeff Watson / Night Ranger
"I thought only steel wool and elbow grease
could make my neck and frets look this
good. Gorgomyte is guitar magic in a cloth"
Thanks Jeff

Rick Wills
Rick's joined the team as my first celebrity bassist. If you've been a fan of British
rock than you'll know Rick from his work with almost countless legendary acts. Let
me see how good my memory is. In the '60's Rick played with David Gilmour in
"Joker's Wild"  before David left for Pink Floyd. David called on his friend to play
bass with him again when he recorded solo projects. Since that time Rick's appeared
with Peter Frampton in "Camel", toured with Roxy Music, formed the Small Faces
with Steve Marriot, Spent years in Foreigner and recently was the bassman in Bad
Company.  This list of former acts is far from complete but you get the idea. Rick's
"The Man" and I'm proud to have him on this list of great players.
Thanks Rick

Steve Stevens / Billy Idol 

"Something so simple as having clean smooth  frets can improve your playing ability tenfold.  There is nothing better than Gorgomyte to  achieve this. I use it every time I change strings."

Brad Gillis
Brad's another multi-platinum selling artist who relies on Gorgomyte for a
super fast neck. He's been with Night Ranger from the beginning as well as
recording and playing with Ozzie Osbourne and Greg Allman. Brad's guitars
are kept in lightning fast playing condition with none other than Gorgomyte.

This stuff works GREAT !
For years I toured with some of the biggest bands in the world (Ozzy, Night Ranger, Damn
Yankees, Styx, Ted Nugent, Bad English, Prince - TAFKAP, ZZ Top, Soundgarden,
Smashing Pumpkins, etc.) as a Guitar Technician.  I've tried everything for guitar.  This stuff
is the biggest breakthrough guitar fretboard and fret cleaner I've ever seen!  Now, I work at an
interactive Music Museum. I take care of hundreds of guitars for the museum's interactive labs
and eductional pursuits.  Gorgomyte gives me the time to REALLY clean the guitars as
I'm stringing and setting them up because it's so fast and easy! Anyone can do it.  Thanks
Mark Newman

Scott Appleton
None, and I mean NONE of Neal Schon's guitars hit the stage without seeing Gorgomyte on the
frets and fretboard first.  He is VERY particular about the feel of his fretboard. and prior to
Gorgomyte, I had tried everything from other companies "string lubricants" to Wesson Oil.
Gorgomyte provides that smooth non sticky feel on the fretboard, while also polishing the frets
to a brilliant shine at the same time!

Editor's Note: Scott is a highly sought after tech by the few who can afford his top notch service. Among his
list of fortunate players are:--
-Def Leppard-
-Neal Schon- Journey/Soul Sirkus/Countless others
-The B-52's
-John Reagan and Bob Mayo with Peter Frampton
-Al Green
-Raul Malo
-The Oak Ridge Boys
-Terry Clark
-Nashville Studio Ace Brent Mason