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Fender 25th Anniversary CBS Stratocaster White Pearlescent Complete NOS w/Case 1979


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This 1979 Fender Stratocaster 25th Anniversary edition is absolutely gorgeous!  The more rare white pearlescent finish is in excellent condition, with inadvertent paint checking over entire body. This was caused by defective factory paint. Fender recalled some of these first units, refinished them in silver and eventually switched over to only silver at some point in production. On the Strat timeline this was the first year for the 4-bolt neck-construction during the CBS ownership era. Sale Includes original Fender hard shell case and all Fender factory packaged items! See below for a full rundown of history of this model. Please message for additional photos or details on this amazing collectable piece.

Conditional Notes:

-All original new old stock store piece, never individually owned

-Has been primarily stored in case and in box since 1979

-Has received our 25 point instrument certification

-Neck is straight and plays very well, action is set to factory spec

-No major imperfections to finish

-Checking over entire visible body surface, known Fender paint defect(see description)

-Finish breaks in the gap between the tremolo and pickguard at Low E & High E(due to paint quality)

-The pickguard shows hairline scratches

-All included factory packaged items

-Case near mint

-Original shipping box from Fender dated 6-7-79(date stamped, see photos)


Serial Number: 250687

Weight: 8.6 lbs

Brand: Fender

Model: 25th Anniversary Stratocaster

Finish: White Pearlescent (initial production color recalled after paint defect discovered)

Year: 1979 

Made In: United States

Body Material: Alder

Body Shape: S-Style

Body Type: Solid Body

Finish Style: Gloss

Fretboard Material: Maple

Neck Material: Maple

Number of Strings: 6 String

Right / Left Handed: Right Handed

Scale Length: 25 1/2"

Wood Top Style: Plain

by Tom Watson 

In 1979, Fender celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Stratocaster (introduced in 1954) with the first “anniversary” instrument, and the first Fender instrument to be issued in a pre-determined and numbered, limited quantity. The first 500 or so instruments produced were finished in Pearl White. However, due to the instability of the finish and the checking that resulted, many were recalled and re-finished in Porsche Silver (though Fender refers to it as “25th Anniversary Stratocaster Silver”), the color that was used in the rest of the production run.

The 1979 Anniversary Stratocaster is significant for a number of reasons. It represents both a look behind and a look ahead for Fender. Features of note include: reversion to the four bolt neck plate; abandonment of the “bullet” truss rod adjustment in favor of the truss rod adjustment at the body end of the neck; and, the first use of “locking tuners” in a Fender guitar (Sperzel).


39″ L, 12¾” W, 1¾” D

Exclusive Fender “offset” contoured waist design. Shaped for comfortable fit to the player’s body.

Detachable hard rock maple neck and curved maple fingerboard graduated for fast action and more comfortable playing. Adjustable truss rod nut. 25½” scale. 21 nickel-silver frets. 6 individual machine heads. 4-hole plate.

2-way adjustable design. 6 individually adjustable bridge sections.

Three adjustable and grounded, wide range, high output pickups in a shielded cavity. Six pole pieces on each pickup. Pickup elevating screws located at either end of the pickups for tone balance adjustment.

Special effects and controls:
Five position pickup selector switch. Synchronized tremolo with swing-away arm. Master volume and two tone controls.

Standard Accessories:
Molded case. Strap. Polishing cloth. Authenticating certificate. Commemorative owner’s manual.

25th Anniversary Stratocaster Silver.
No other color available. [obviously written after the Pearl White run]Fender tells the story of the 25th Anniversary Stratocaster in a one page ad from 1979.


The quantity of anniversary models produced was 10,000. All but the first two instruments were numbered “25XXXX”. This system allowed for 9,999 numbered guitars (the last being 259999). The first two instruments bear unique serial numbers, the prototype was numbered “000000” and the first model produced was numbered “000001” (#000001 rounding out the overall number of 10,000).The serial number appears on the neck plate. There is no serial number on the decal on the front of the headstock.The neck plate of #000000. Although the prototype has an atypical number format, the design would remain the same on all subsequent production models.

Each instrument came with a “Certificate of Merit”, often called by Fender at the time, an “authenticating certificate”. Note how the Certificate of Merit has the instrument’s serial number.

As stated above, the 1979 25th Anniversary Stratocaster represented both a look to the past and a glimpse of Fender’s future. Some of the features of this instrument recall the days before CBS and represent specifications that many players view essential to a Stratocaster. These same features also serve as a glimpse into Fender’s future when in 1987, Fender-FMIC would introduce the American Standard Stratocaster, incorporating many of the features found on the 1979 Anniversary model.