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Dr. Z Top Dealer 2015!

We’re proud to announce ourselves as a top 10 dealer for Dr. Z Amplification! Dr. Z makes some of the best boutique amplifiers on the market, and we’re thrilled to represent them. From spanky chicken-pickin’ tones to saturated rock, Dr. Z covers a lot of tonal ground.

Our most recent addition to the Dr. Z family is the Z-28. It features the tone stack of their popular Route 66 amplifier with a pair of fixed-bias 6V6 power tubes delivering 22 watts. This gives the amp a distinctively American tonal quality with a lot of punch. The amp can be sweet and clean, but when you dial in the gain it gets quite meaty. It also maintains a clear and tight low end which allows it to be a great platform for effects pedals.

You can shop our varied selection of Dr. Z boutique amps here.