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What You Need To Know About Through-Neck Guitars

From the features to the playability to the eye-popping finish to tone beyond belief, we’re not ashamed to say that we love each and every one of our boutique guitars. Speaking of features, we thought we’d fill you in on one that lots of guitarists happen to love: through-neck construction. In this article, we’ll take you “through” the benefits that a through-neck guitar can offer.

What Is A Through-Neck Guitar?
While fairly self-explanatory, a through-neck guitar is one solid piece of wood, from the headstock down to the strap bolt. Other body elements, made from the same material, are added for shape, but the idea is that the strings are held at both ends by a continuous foundation.

What Are The Advantages?
For one thing, the lower response to thermal expansion allows it to stay in tune like crazy! Having a solid piece of material holding your strings makes for increased playability as well. You can play at lower action for incredible speed, which is why many metal guitarists love them. Through-necks also offer unparalleled sustain, thanks to this construction’s super-low sound damping properties.

So Are Bolt-On Neck Guitars Not As Good?
It depends on the guitarist, but there are plenty who would offer an emphatic argument to the contrary. Some of the most famous and iconic guitars are bolt-ons or set necks, but they have been used by monumental musicians to push the limits of rock and roll. It all depends on your priorities.

Set neck or not, when it comes to boutique guitars at the BadAxe Boutique, we can help you find the instrument you’ve only played in your dreams!