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Factors That Affect Your Tone

You’ve heard it all before, most of all from our own boutique guitar freaks: TONE MATTERS! Endless discussions of its cultivation may have left you feeling like the more you hear, the less you know. So here is BadAxe Boutique’s guide to controlling the most important aspect of your guitar playing: the sound.

Power Amp Your amp’s power section has a lot of control over the final sound that reaches your ears. Tube amps are generally seen as lending a warmer, natural, and much sought-after sound to your guitar’s overall presentation. Solid state power amps, on the other hand, may have more versatility to offer.

Preamp Before a signal can be sent to the power amp, the preamp must first boost the weak signal that comes from your pickups. At this crucial stage, the preamp can either preserve delicate overtones or blur them into the noise floor. At this point it should be obvious that the better the amp, the better the tone!

Pickups The gap between instrument and preamp is bridged by the pickups; they are what convert your guitar’s music into an electric signal. Again, quality matters, but there are many divergent theories on the design, position, and application of your guitar’s pickups.

Instrument You already know how we feel about this one. Shop our high-end boutique guitars here!

Playing Finally, the original source of your tone! Many people will argue that tone comes only from the equipment that you use, but the true musician knows better. As you continue to master your guitar playing technique, you’ll be able to play with deeper feeling that can be heard in the end product.