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The Tube Combo: A Guitarist’s Best Friend

For guitarists of anything from rock to metal to funk, and everything in between, the only question you should have about tube amps is, “which one?” There are beautiful and terrible sounds on this planet, and some of them can only be made with electric guitars and tube amplification. When it comes to warm, natural tone that can be dialed in for the sounds you’ve been dreaming of, nothing beats the all-tube boutique amps we have on offer at the BadAxe Boutique. You may have noticed that our selection is heavily in favor of the combo tube configuration, and that’s for several very good reasons.

Space Efficiency
If you’ve got a full stack in the kitchen awaiting its next gig, the wife might start to complain. On the other hand, a deceptively simple tube combo rig makes for easy setup and takedown before and after gigs while its compact design makes it easy to stow when not in use. Not that you ever would not be using it, of course!

Killer Sound
While saving you kitchen space and visits to the chiropractor, tube combos make no compromise when it comes to auditory perfection. There’s something about housing an amp’s electronics in the same cabinet as its speaker or speakers that just creates an incredible sonic output. Open- or closed-back options offer even more ways to dial in the perfect tone.

Apart from stage presentation, there’s nothing you can do with a full 8X12 stack and multiple heads that you can’t do with a 2X12 combo. If additional headroom is needed for a larger venue, simply mic or D.I. into the P.A. system.

We love our tube combos at the BadAxe Boutique, and we love helping guitarists find the convenience, tone, and flexibility offered in one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Hit us up, and we’ll take you through boutique amps for days!