Guitar Effects Pedals

Big sounds do come in small packages, and BadAxe Boutique is proud to offer a huge selection of guitar effects pedals to help take your sound into uncharted territory. Tuners, wah pedals, chorus pedals, flangers, delay pedals, compressors, and modulation pedals from a variety of boutique guitar pedal brands will add flavor to your playing and color to your pedalboard. Of course, we also carry plenty of distortion, overdrive, and fuzz pedals to dial in the perfect sound for rock, punk, or metal. Tried and true effects pedals from mainstream brands like Digitech and MXR are offered alongside boutique guitar pedals from Strymon, JHS, Greer Amps, and EarthQuaker Devices. Combined with the right  guitar and amp, you’ll be sure to spend hours on end exploring new sonic landscapes! Shop our entire pedal selection below, or filter by brand on the left to find a pedal that sounds as colorful as it looks.