Eddie Van Halen Guitars

Few guitarists are as recognizable as Eddie Van Halen, both sonically and visually. With his own line of EVH Guitars, the legendary musician has made his unmistakable style available to anyone who’s ready to make an impression. These boutique guitars are made to the rigorous specifications of Mr. Van Halen himself, and offer a wide range of options for players of all styles. The BadAxe Boutique online guitar shop carries a full line of Eddie Van Halen guitars and EVH  amps for people who like their rock loud and in your face! Now that classic hard rock sound can be all yours. And with a diverse range of body styles, from the classic strat look to all-original designs like the Wolfgang. And then there’s the finishes. You have your choice of everything from the unmistakable Van Halen striped design to modern updates and classy finishes that show off the quality of the instrument itself. Shop our selection of Eddie Van Halen Guitars belows.