Mike Lull Custom Basses

Bass players should always play the best instrument available to them. Luthier and designer Mike Lull has been bringing the best in custom boutique  guitars and basses since 1995, but his history with stringed instruments goes back way earlier than that. Ever since 1970, Mike Lull has been immersed in the world of guitars. The BadAxe Boutique online guitar shop is proud to offer a collection of Mike Lull Basses. Starting with classic, well-loved body styles, every Mike Lull bass is endowed with modern hardware, original and innovative finishes, and close attention to detail. You’ll never want to go back to an “ordinary” bass once you play one of these and realize how amazing your playing experience can be. And with a selection of 4-string and 5-string basses, there’s something here for every player of every style. Shop the BadAxe selection of Mike Lull electric bass guitars below. Your next bass could be here!